UETC a solution, a project

UETC is not just a project for me, it is like my child

This project has three different parts

. Web design

. Software design and programming

. On-page SEO with an SEO article

In 2021, one of my friends wanted to immigrate to America for study in the field of digital marketing.

For visa application you need to reserve a time from US Embassy.

Due to the situation of the corona virus, the number of employees of the American embassy located in Dubai and Armenia was reduced

And the number of applicants was four times in comparison with previous years

The problem that arose was the reserve an appointment for the embassy

All the times were filled in advance, and from time to time, time slots randomly opened on different dates and were quickly booked.

The idea of ​​UETC was born that day

An idea that was first as a side project and later became a main part of my startup, the Vislot website.

There were many websites like Vislot and SEO among these websites required funds and time.

But UETC changed everything

The UETC project was completed and launched, and my friend was able to successfully book the earliest time for the American Embassy in Armenia.

My software used three different modes of behavior (methods) to reserve an appointment and bypass the web application of the US Embassy website

Any mode of behavior bypasses the anti-robot security of the website and changing the behavior of this robot would make the embassy website unable to recognize the presence of the robot.

After the successful launch, I designed a special page for this robot on my website and a 1000-word SEO article and finally embedded the download links on this page.

The software could be downloaded for free in exchange for receiving some information from applicants.

After a week, this page was ranked first in Google in several keywords, and the software has been downloaded more than 2000 times so far.

Because of this page, some vital pages of my website have increased in ranking and visits, the CTR rate increased by 900% in one month, and in addition to the income I had from selling my services, I was able to collect financial aid (Donation) in different amounts through the software.

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